Monthly Archives: September 2015

Life’s Lessons

We were all children once. We got hurt many times, just to take the same fall and feel the same pain all over again. And we did it again and again and again. We jumped. Sometimes without looking where we’d fall. We never thought about breaking at the bottom, just about the possibility of flying. We had hope that the next time we’d succeed. We’d grab the handlebars, scraped knuckles and all, and give it another shot. Until finally…we flew.

And as we live and grow, we “learn” to be cautious. We “learn” to not get hurt again. We learn to protect our hearts. That everyone will hurt us eventually, most every fanatical wish will fail. We learn to keep our dreams limited, more realistic and safe. We learn to trust only ourselves. To not completely let anyone in. To keep our walls up.

And why?

We learn to live in fear? To live a life of restraint, bound down by CAUTION tape? To clip our wings and ground ourselves because the winds may be too strong to take on? To only kind of, sort of live the life we truly want? Since when did life become so scary? We’ve all been hurt in one way or another. We took a leap of hope and we fell and broke from it. A broken heart by someone who found it before the designated owner did. A broken dream before we realized there was something better we never thought to wish for. We put our everything into something we lost until we feel we lost everything. And what do we do as a result? We guard ourselves and step down. We become smarter we think. We limit ourselves, take caution. We hold ourselves back?

But why?

Instead, we get hurt and we “learn” to keep smiling through it. To keep trusting, to keep loving fully, to not give up on ourselves. We may think we found what or who we were looking for, only to be let down. But giving up doesn’t get you any closer. The world is not a mean place; it holds some mean people and unfortunate circumstances. But it also holds wonderful people you have yet to meet and wonderful opportunities. It’s not the world that would be our enemy, sometimes our worst enemy can be ourselves. Sure, consider consequences and take the smart steps in life, but never dull your senses due to past pain. It’s never a mistake to love too strongly, dream too deeply, trust too openly, or speak too honestly. It’s a mistake to “learn” to repress it.