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When the Stomach’s A Rumblin’

Hey there healthy hotties! So, I’m doing a nutrition support group on the side and find that the biggest struggle for most of my team is the rumblin’ tummies when trying to change our diet for the better. Here are a couple pointers for warding off the munchies:
1. Make sure you space out your meals. Try to work your eating schedule into an every-two-hours sort of thing. For example, Breakfast 8:00, Snack 10:00, Lunch 12:00… That should help keep your metabolism going as well as warding off hunger.
2. Drink lots of water. Not only will water fill you up, but it’s 0 calories too. Studies have also shown that thirst from slight dehydration can be mistaken for hunger. Chug away- it’ll only do you some good. If you’re not a water fan, try jazzin’ it up with some cucumbers or lemon or mint.
3. If you really want food, grab some veggies. Your ‘hunger’ doesn’t care whether it’s satisfied with a giant stalk of celery(fiber that fills you!) or a giant plate of brownies(fat that fluffs you!). Pick the healthier one and you won’t regret it.
4. If you’re hungry late in the evening, you can try the above things too, but often late-night snacking is due to habit, stress, boredom, or fatigue. If you are going to eat, follow #3, because any calories you consume, you won’t be working off like you would mid-day. Distract yourself- do things that will keep your mind off the fridge.

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