In a Gym Jam?

Love hitting the gym for that burst of energy? Having a vast selection of equipment to use in order to get just the workout you need? Waiting in line for a chance to run just fifteen minutes on the treadmill next to the guy who is drenched in that always pleasant body odor? Paying for 24-hour access when you always come at 5:00 in the afternoon?
Maybe it’s time for a different type of gym experience. Boutique gyms may be a better fit than the typical local gym for some. Boutique gyms are more like a studio, smaller and individualized, in order to give a more personal experience. When walking through the doors, expect them to give you a pleasant welcome using your name without having to look at the computer screen first. They are usually for a specific workout, like yoga or kickboxing, instead of a general whatever-you’re-feeling workout. Often there are other perks inside as well, like a spa or juice bar. Boutique gyms generally are by appointment or have set times for classes, making it easier to say no to the inviting couch and yes to the running shoes. And since it is more one-on-one, it may give you that push to tough through that last five minutes.
But before you go sprinting to your nearest boutique gym, consider some of these disadvantages. Boutique gyms may charge more for their use than a commercial gym since they usually have a fraction of the amount of members. If you like the freedom of choice with your workouts, boutique gyms could be too restricting. You won’t be able to go from treadmill, to weights, to basketball court, to indoor pool. If your only time to hit the gym is at two o’clock in the morning, boutique gyms have set times for appointments and classes. And mostly, if you want to hide away from the gym for a week or two, you won’t be the only one who knows.
Big box gyms and boutique gyms both have their pros and cons. It’s just a matter of personal preference when picking out the one that’s right for you.

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